A ‘View’ of 6d6 Core

Tenkar’s Tavern has just posted a review of the 6d6 Core rule set, or more accurately a ‘first view’. It is not a in-depth look but more of an an overview of 6d6.

The use of cards, and in some instances actions similar to “tapping” actions from card games like Magic the Gathering and the like, may help make this a crossover game for those whose gaming experience is limited to or centered on such games.  Note:  The cards are not collectible.  You are printing them out yourself.  They are practical, not pretty, which is fine by me.

Less crunch, still crunchy – by this I mean the game is not written to be a realistic simulation.  Modifiers are generally 1D6 (plus adjustments) for each card you can play.  Its the play that becomes a bit crunchy, at least if you’ve been playing the standard types of RPG for the last 30 years (like I have).  The card system IS a different system, and it does take some getting used to.  I had a hard time grokking it myself until I found the youtube video I linked above.  It’s not overly complicated – it’s just different.

Its surprisingly flexible.  I thought the cards would result in the limiting of choices, but with the number of combinations that can be played (as long as the player can weave a plausible explanation for the situation in question) it covers a lot of possibilities.  Hey, and you can create new cards!

Its a good review of 6d6. Not only because it says nice things but because the reviewer picks out the key element of the system – its flexibility. The review is also a good reminder of how different the 6d6 RPG is from other RPG’s and that new players / potential customers need to make a conceptual jump when they encounter the game for the first time. This is important for me to remember as I promote and market the game.

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