Quantum Flux – Montgomery Harper

Our second extracts from Quantum Flux is one of the pre-gen characters. There are six characters to play – Steven ‘Stones’ McCay (medic and team leader), Nick ‘The Brick’ Boston (weapons expert), Blaize Starfall (pilot), Montgomery Harper (engineer), Abbs Saxton (hacker) and Mr L. Pliskin (scout) – and each comes with their own character deck and unique abilities. The extract below is the player’s handout for Montgomary Harper which they receive at the same time as their character deck. Download the PDF of the character deck.

Montgomery Harper


Chief Harper, formerly the engineering project leader on the new Class III Quantum Flux Drives found himself bored by the simple jobs on offer. Steven McCay approached him, asking him if alien tech was interesting enough for him and it turned out that it was. The chance to mess around with alien technology with his bare hands, right where it was found – how could he refuse?

An expert in starship design, engineering, particle and quantum physics. Given enough time Montgomery can work out how any ship works and patch it up with duct tape if need be. With a sharp and cunning mind, he is the team’s problem solver.

Using Montgomery Harper

With skills in Engineering, Spacecraft Systems, Particle Physics and Network Operation, there is very little he can’t apply his knowledge to on any ship, outpost or station.

Montgomery has the Jury-Rig skill that lets him work with what is at hand to fix, patch, repair, modify, upgrade or even build something entirely new. The only limits are imagination, spare parts and time.

Almost all engineers have some experience in using welders and cutting tools, and Montgomery is no exception. Using Weld & Cut and a Plasma Cutter, he can cut through walls, doors and even people if things go bad.