Quantum Flux – The Story of an Adventure

Quantum Flux is our second one-shot adventure and it will be released on September 7th, one week from today.

A Long Birth

The adventure was first run about a year ago in the run-up to 2010’s Indiecon. At this stage the 6d6 RPG was not written and we hadn’t solved several major questions about the games mechanics. This wasn’t so much a problem for Ben Jackson and Outbreak! which was being developed at the same time. That just required the bare bones of a system but Kieran’s Quantum Flux was far more complex. It needed spaceships, futuristic weapons and a host of mechanics we hadn’t even considered yet.

Despite the limitations of the system Kieran did a great job writing and running an excellent session at Indiecon. He was often making-up things on the spot to hide the holes in the system. As the 6d6 RPG started to developed, we added the mechanics needed for Quantum Flux to work properly but it took time.

Change It and Change It Again

Probably the most difficult aspect of getting the adventure out the door was the grind as we went through iteration after iteration of the write / edit / rewrite cycle.

The adventure started out as a mostly ad-hoced, single session demo game. As Kieran started to write it down we constantly found that aspects needed changing because the demands of a published adventure are very different from those of a one-off game. Plot threads would be added, plot threads would be delete. Decks were added to the ship, decks were taken off the ship. Monsters were added, monsters were spiked. It very much was two steps forward and one steps back and at times it seemed like a death march.

What increased the problem was 6d6’s work process. Whereas the Kieran had struggled with the lack of a formal set of rules for the RPG, with our publication system the reverse was true. With the 6d6 Core rule set and Outbreak!, Ben & I were just writing and editing as we went along with no fixed deadline or ideas how it would turn out. We just did what we needed to do.

By the time Kieran and I started to seriously work on Quantum Flux, 6d6 had developed a house style and a way of working. For the other projects in the pipeline, this wasn’t a problem. They were in the early stages and could easily adapt but Quantum Flux was almost finished. At possibly the worst point in the development cycle, large parts of Quantum Flux need editing and rewriting to make it consistent with the new house style.

Something To Be Proud Of

Getting Quantum Flux out-the-door has been much more of a slog than Outbreak! but it has been worthwhile.

Quantum Flux is a larger and more ambitious adventure in every sense and the result of all Kieran’s hard work is a really good game. It is well written, has good plot, it is easy to pick up and run but at the same time has the scope and flexibility to allow Game Leaders to adapt and expand it to suit their needs.

It may of been a long road to get here but I’m proud of what Kieran and 6d6 have achieved.