Reviewers Wanted

With Quantum Flux coming out on the 7th September we are looking for bloggers and similar people who are willing to review it.

Reviewers get an advance copy of the PDF and a copy of the 6d6 Core rule set. All we ask is that you make a genuine attempt to review the product for the 7th or there about.

No experience is necessary. The reviews can long or short. They can be blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates or whatever your medium of choice is.

And There’s More

Towards the end of September we will be opening up the 6d6 Online Tools. We will be seeking reviews for this as well plus we have a steady stream of products coming out over the next few months.

Comment below, drop us an email (Hello [ at ] 6d6Fireball [ dot ] com
) or contact us via Facebook, Twitter or G+.