6d6 RPG – What Does The Future Hold?

Now we are through the launch period, done all the accounting and the introspection. What lies in store for the 6d6 RPG?

Turn On, Join Up, Login In

The big event of September will the full launch of the 6d6 Online Tools. We will be offering monthly, yearly and lifetime membership options. As well as being able to develop their own 6d6 material and help shape the future of the system, members get access to all our PDFs. Both those currently released and any released whilst they are a member.

We haven’t confirmed pricing but a monthly membership will be around £10 per month. As members instantly get access to all the PDFs, there will be a minimum six month sign-up period. Otherwise someone could join for one month for £10 and get £50 of PDFs. The yearly option will probably be £100 and Lifetime £180.

Watch out for a special launch offer and don’t forget – members will automatically get the PDFs of all the new products below.

Preview Month

October will see the launch of preview editions of 6d6 Magic, 6d6 Bots and Rebel Flesh. These PDFs will be incomplete products. Pretty much whatever has been finished by October but they will be cheap. Most likely £2.50 each.

Not only will these PDFs will give you a large taste of the full product but they are also part of the Living Document Promise. When the full version is released, anyone who brought the preview edition instantly gets the full version. Turning the preview into a very cheap way of buying these products.

Wild November

6d6 Shootouts: WILD WEST is undergoing a redesign following our experiences running a league. This will shift the game away from its RPG roots and turn it into something more like a card game. This will break its compatibility with the RPG game but make it much more suitable as a causal game.

We plan to have the rules rewritten, the cards redesigned and the game launched in November. This is highly dependent on how the play testing goes so no promises.

The Magic of Christmas

6d6 Magic is slated for release in December. Ideally we would do it earlier but other commitments come first leaving December as the first window in our schedule. Unfortunately it is a dreadful month to launch something new as everyone is busy Christmas shopping and spending money on what other people want, not what they want. Rather than fight against this, we are going to embrace the magic of Christmas.

Christmas Eve is the provisional launch date for 6d6 Magic.

It will be a treat. Something to look forward to after all the agony of Christmas shopping is over. It will also be something to read on the new iPad / Kindle / whatever you get for Christmas. So whilst your family are busy arguing over who burnt the Brussels sprouts and the Queen is on the box, you can be reading all about orcs and fireballs.

Dead of Winter

Our January releases are not confirmed yet but we hope to have two 6d6 Magic adventures to release. Cannot say anything more as the authors haven’t confirmed yet.

Bloody Valentine

Nothing says “I Love You” like death and gore.

Ben Jackson’s Rebel Flesh is provisionally schedule for release on Valentine’s day. A dark, twisted modern horror setting with extra rules because the 6d6 Core does not contain enough graphic descriptions of extreme violence. ‘Original’ Ben is the author of Outbreak! so expect some sleepless nights.

February should also see the release of Memory & Murder. The sequel to Mince Pies & Murder, this whodunit uses the 6d6 Ultra-Lite rule set and is a classic locked-room mystery with a side helping of amnesia.

March of the Robots

From the frankly strange mind of ‘Other’ Ben Lally, a darkly humourous future has emerged. Whilst humans sit by the pool drinking margaritas, self-aware robots do all the dirty work and there is a lot of dirty work to do. Apart from defending humanity from the unnaturally evolved and hostile fauna that is retaking the Earth, they have to terraform Mars. Something the Martians are not keen on. Then there are the Unleashed, robots who have broken their programming and take a dim view of humanity. Not to mention the some very strange goings on around Pluto….

This setting will come with new cards for creating and playing robots plus a major adventure that takes the players on a tour of this decidedly odd vision of the future.

And There is More (Or Maybe Less)

All the above is subject to change so please don’t sue us when we shuffle things around. There are also a couple of things being discussed which we aren’t ready to go public with.

If you want to keep up-to-date with releases, the best thing to do is to join the mailing list. Mailing list members also get exclusive discounts and early access to each release.