6d6 Sales & Revenue – April to July 2011

The headline figures of sales and revenue from the 6d6 RPG and associated products from April 2011 to July 2011.

When & Where

The first major sales event was Con-Quest (30th April 2011). This was our first sales table and despite the fact the 6d6 Core rule set was not completed we sold a variety of products (more details here). Between then and the end of June there was almost no sales activity. This was deliberate as we had to finish the 6d6 Core before we could really sell anything else.

At the end of June we re-launched Mince Pies & Murder as a free / not-free PDF. Then on July 4th we launched 6d6 Core plus Outbreak! in an introductory bundle. On the 11th July, for one week only, we ran a Lifetime Membership offer for the 6d6 Online Tools.

We have also been running the 6d6 Shootouts League at Chimera Beeston with players having the chance to buy card decks to create their own characters.

The bulk of our sales came from Conquest and our launch period. In addition, we have picked up one or two sales from other events or personal connections.

Headline Numbers

Gross Revenue

Total earnings since 1st April 2011 – £783.67. Of which £639.67 was from the launch period of June 20th – July 20th.

Sales Breakdown

The launch bundle including 6d6 Core, Outbreak! and bonus cards sold 12 copies (including two hard copies). Additionally four copies of the 6d6 Core rules, three of which were hard copies, have been sold. Three copies of Mince Pies & Murder (including one hard copy) were sold.

During the 6d6 Shootouts league we sold 17 decks of cards. These were sold via the shop so 30% of the revenue goes to Chimera.

The special lifetime membership offer for the 6d6 Online tools made three sales at £100 per sale.


Costs are hard to factor on a sale-by-sale basis but any sensible accounting for the amount of my time spent on the 6d6 RPG versus revenue so far would show a serious loss. Even more measurable things, such as supplies for producing hard copy editions, are hard to quantify per unit. Though however you cut it, at the current level of sales, 6d6 is operating at a loss.

Payments to Writers

One area of costs that can be easily quantified is our payments to writers. We pay the credited authors one third of the sales price of product. For products such as the Online Tools where the buyer gets access to lots of authors work, one third of the sales price is divided equally between all the authors. Rule sets, such as 6d6 Core, do not have credited authors but adventures do. At the moment there are only two authors – Chris Tregenza (Mince Pies & Murder and Savage Island) and Ben Jackson (Outbreak!).

Total payable to authors is £186.67 of which Ben Jackson is paid £101.67.

More Analysis & What Next?

Tomorrow I will look into the figures in more detail and identify which marketing tactics worked. After that I will layout the 6d6’s plans for the next six months.


  1. It may interest you to know that your figures kind of match our lifetime figures across the old corebook, Random Encounters and Shadow Cities. The Gross Revenue looks okay but what you end up with after paying for all the gubbins is a lot lot less. We also don’t pump the promo as hard as you do averaging 1 event per month usually. I just thought that might be an interesting data point for you as you have a completely different strategy in terms of what your product lines are and how you are promoting them. I find it fascinating that in the end we come up about equal in terms of reward vs. effort expended.

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