6d6 RPG: What’s Going On?

After several hectic weeks with various launches and a week off, I’m spending a few days getting organised and planning for the future. I’ve no exact plans yet but this is what you can expect to see in the coming weeks


Coming in the next few days will be “What I Learnt From Running the 6d6 Shootouts League”. This will be a cold reflection on the 6d6 Shootouts game, its strengths and its weaknesses. This will lead into announcements about the future of 6d6 Shootouts.

Next week, once I’ve done the paperwork, will be a round-up of our sales figures for the 6d6 RPG and the 6d6 Online Tools. Part of this will be a blog post on how much we pay our writers and how you can join the 6d6 writing team. Somewhere along the line I will post on our approach to marketing, what’s worked, what hasn’t and where we go next.

This week I’m drawing up our release schedule until April 2012. These seems a scarily long way ahead to be planning but we have a mass of material coming out including Quantum Flux, the 6d6 Online Tools, 6d6 Magic, 6d6 Bots, Rebel Flesh, Memory & Murder and more. This should be done sometime next week.

How-To-Play Videos

One of the big pushes for August is to create a series of how-to-play videos. I created a rough video a couple of weeks ago that only covered the basics and that was a useful experience.

A problem with creating the videos is that they are time-consuming to make. Or at least to edit. Even then they are not as good as I want them. Rather than spend masses of time on each video, I think I will concentrate on getting them out quickly. It’s one of those situations where it is better to have something, even if it’s pretty ropey, than nothing.

Cons & Clubs

A big part of our plans is getting out there and showing people the game. 6d6 is designed as a game to played, not one to be read and then lie forgotten on a shelf.

We hope to hit two or three conventions over the next six months but we also want to visit as many games club around the country as we can. Starting locally, we plan to work our way around the country as time and funds allow.

If you have any suggestions of cons and clubs we should visit, please drop us a comment.

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  1. When making videos, don’t stress about perfection. Just make them. Your audience will be very forgiving. I know I will. I would love to just see some raw play of the game, or you just explaining how to play to me like I am sitting right in front of you. Don’t worry about how good it is, we’ll be glad to see it. 🙂

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