Miniatures A Go-Go

Do you remember our range of 28mm Miniatures? No, not surprising because I haven’t written anything about them or promoted them in a long time. A certain other project has been my focus but this Sunday we are off to Sheffield and the Irregular Miniature Painting event.

Trolling Around

We were invited to the event by Jason, editor of Irregular Magazine and part of the team from the Sheffield Irregulars who are organising the event. Given the great time I had on our previous visit to Sheffield I was more than happy to come back.

This being an event all about miniatures and painting them it is only proper we have some new figures coming out.

At the weekend we will be showing two new Dark Trolls, like the one on the left, plus up to four Mountain Trolls which are are more like the tradition AD&D troll. Additionally we have six Entropeans, humanoid frog-like creatures and a selection of other figures. These will only be available for order as we haven’t created the production master moulds yet.

Opening My Big Mouth

In addition to the figures and demo games of 6d6 Shootouts I shall be giving a talk entitled “Creativity, Role Playing and Rules”. This will be about, well, creativity, role playing and rules. Specifically it is about what creativity is, how we are creative in role playing games and how the rules shape that creativity.


The whole event is free to the public, right in the middle of Sheffield, opposite the train station. The show opens at 10am, closes at 4pm and I will be speaking around 2pm. The sales table will be open all day and we will be running as many games of 6d6 Shootouts as we can.