Last Couple of Days & Sales Figures Update

A quick reminder that the launch bundle of the 6d6 Core, Outbreak! and card decks is only available for the next couple of days. You can save about 30% of the standard price by taking advantage of this offer.

Happy With Sales

I’ve been very pleased with the sales we got on since the launch which were almost exactly what I predicted. The actual number of units of sold is small but it is where the sales come from that is interesting. Currently about 5% of our audience – newsletter recipients and blog readers, have brought the launch bundle. This is consistent with the levels achieved through a good marketing campaign and I’m pleased with the result. What we need to do now is expand our audience.

The really nice thing is how contacts on Twitter, Facebook and G+ have become customers. A lot of nonsense is talked by marketing companies about social networking but the core idea is true. Careful use of tools like Twitter can lead to sales and for a tiny start-up like 6d6, every customer is vital and highly valued.

End Of The Month

I will do a full round-up of sales figures and lessons learnt in August. Between then and now we have the launch of the 6d6 Online Tools and 6d6 Shootouts: WILD WEST. After that I’m taking a much needed week off during which I will recharge my batteries and decide on my plan for the rest of the year. Once I’m back from that I will give a full report of how the launch has gone.