d-Day +2 – How-To-Play and G+

We have had a good launch and a great response to our discount bundle of 6d6 Core + Outbreak! but we must move on.


A big advantage the 6d6 system has over other role-playing games is its visual nature. In a character sheet based game there is little you can learn by watching someone rub out a number and write a new one in but in 6d6, everything is done by moving the cards around.

This makes 6d6 a great game to teach via YouTube.

We plan to cover every single rule in the book in a series of How-To-Play videos. Starting with some 5 minute videos that cover the basics of how to play but later on we plan a library of 30 second shorts that look at specific rules.

Now, I have no experience in making videos so I’m on a very steep learning curve. This means that our early videos are going to be a bit rough, like the one below. I hoped to publish a better cut of this video yesterday but everything took longer than expected. Rather than delay things any longer, I present the rough version of How-To-Play Part 1: The Basics.


We are on Google+ (thanks to @BlindGeekUK).

One of its interesting features is Hangouts, a video conference / chat-room system. Last night I did a 6d6 Hangout where I demonstrated the game to a couple wonderful people. I’m planning to do more so if you are on G+, come and find us.

If G+ takes off (and it should, it is a lot better than Google’s previous attempts at social networking) I see Hangouts as a great way to teach people to play the game and answer questions from players. It allows me to do just about everything I would at a convention but from the comfort of my own home. We might even organise a game of 6d6 Ultra-Lite over it.


  1. Your G+ page, is it a personal page from you or is there any possibility to have something like a facebook page that belonging to an organization or something?

  2. @TheClone,

    It is a personal page though my name is ‘Six Dee Six Fireball’.

    There are no facilities yet for a corporate account or a Facebook style page though Google have said that they are planning special features for corporate accounts.

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