Bouncing Bundle of Joy

d-Day Minus 2

On Monday (July 4th) we launch the 6d6 Core rule set along with Outbreak!, our cinematic zombie adventure. As a introductory offer we will be putting these two products along into a money saving bundle.

All You Need

Outbreak! comes with pre-gen characters, cards for equipment that the characters can pick-up and special cards for the Game Leader. These include Infection! cards to give to characters when they have been bitten plus zombie character decks for players to use when they character inevitably falls prey to the zombies.

Roll Your Own

The bundle also contains eight character creation decks for modern characters. Each deck contains 30 cards giving you 240 cards to play with. The decks are themed around a variety of backgrounds and professions including Petty Criminal, Military Service, Business Person and Street Kid.

Cards from Outbreak!’s pre-gen characters can be inter-mixed with these cards as can cards from the pre-gen’s of Mince Pies & Murder, available as a free-download.

One Week Offer

The bundle offer will only be available for one week from the launch day and will save you about 30% off the full price of the PDFs. Both PDF and hard copy version will be available.