Last Chance To Be The First

d-Day Minus 3

On July 11th, for one week only, we will be offering Lifetime Memberships of the 6d6 Online Tools.

This exclusive opportunity is only available to those who have already expressed an interest. It will not be available via the 6d6 RPG store. It won’t even be open to our newsletter readers.

Cutting Edge

One of the key ideas driving 6d6 is that the traditional way RPGs are published doesn’t work very well any more. With more and more players being permanently linked to the internet it makes little sense to conform to ideas about publishing from a different age.

It also makes little sense to stamp down on players who want to share and re-use ‘official’ content. We believe that if you buy something you should be free to adapt and re-mix it.

Members Control The Game

Who should control the rules of a game? We believe it is the people who buy the game, not company executives who want to milk a cash-cow by releasing a new edition.

The members of the 6d6 Online Tools can add, edit and change the rules using the same tools I used to write them. They are in control of how the game works.

PDFs Forever

Members get free access to the entire range of our PDFs. This includes all the rule sets, adventures and cards we have produced to so far. Plus all the PDFs we produce whilst you are a member. If you take advantage of this one-off Lifetime Membership offer, this means you have access to all the PDFs we ever produce, forever.

Limited Time Offer

This offer will only be available from July 11th to July 18th and only to those who have already expressed an interest. If you miss this opportunity, monthly memberships will be available from September. Final pricing has not been fixed but a year’s worth of monthly memberships will be more expensive than this exclusive lifetime offer.

To find out more about the lifetime membership offer, sign-up here.