Outbreak!: Belle Reeves plus Character Deck

d-Day Minus 6

In today’s extract from Outbreak! we have the player’s handout and character deck for Belle Reeves. One of the rag-tag bunch of survivors who find themselves on a bus, fleeing the zombie apocalypse.

One of the many things I really like about Outbreak! are the pre-generated characters such as Belle Reeves. In his writing, Ben Jackson (aka X-humed aka ‘Original’ Ben) has created recognisable archetypes that anyone can quickly grasp and yet they have a subtly and depth that fleshes them out. This makes them far more real people and enhances the play later on in the adventure when most of them inevitably die.

Belle Reeves

Despite a zombie apocalypse raining down on her head, Belle has had worse days.

She’s a child of the streets and as far as she’s concerned this is just another day when people are giving her hassle. She spent last night asleep on the floor of a public toilet and when she awoke, the whole world had gone zombie.

While she was able to fend of some of them off with her impressively vicious street-fighting manoeuvres, she was eventually saved because her abusive yelling alerted someone else to her danger. That someone turned out to be renowned TV cage fighter Axel Reid.

After a quick discussion she manipulated him into leaving town with her. A few hours ago they were being picked up by a prisoner transport bus as they hiked out of town. Since then a cheerleader has been picked up and she won’t stop singing hymns. Now Belle really is in hell.

Belle’s Cards

Belle’s cards are focused on keeping Belle alive. She inflicts some major damage with sharp objects (Weapon Expertise [Sharps]), using her ring if nothing better is available. She also has protective cards such as Block, Toughness and Leather Jacket that help her mix it up without getting damaged. Especially the jacket that provides constant protection against most types of attacks.

Belle has a few cards that can be used on just about anything. It is up to her player to persuade the Game Leader and the group how Self-Confidence, Pure Rage, Spite and Will Power can help but an inventive mind can find all sorts of ways to use these cards.

The character deck is a PDF, click here to download. It is typical of the 20+ pages of cards that come with the adventure. The layout matches a common ‘print your own business card’ format for ease of printing and assembly but cutting out everything by hand is not an arduous task.

Outbreak! and 6d6 Core will be launched on the 4th July and available from the 6d6 RPG store.