D-Day Minus 7: The Opening Salvo

In just seven days we will be releasing the 6d6 Core* rules set and Outbreak! adventure. As a warm-up for this, we have made several card decks available. These are also compatible with the free 6d6 Ultra-Lite rule sets so you don’t have to wait until next week to use them.

What Is In A Deck?

Each deck consists of 30 cards spread over three A4 pages. Each page has a path card (part of the 6d6 Core character generation system) and the cards made available by that path. Any spare spaces on the page are filled with miscellaneous equipment cards.

The cards are formatted to compatible with Avery C32015-25 print-your-own business cards. There are also many cheaper knock-off / own-brand versions so hunt around. I recommend the pre-perforatted ones. There are some that more like stickers that peel off a backing but these do not feel as nice in the hand when playing.

Modern / Generic & Wild West

The selected decks are generically modern so they are compatible with a large range of settings. Almost all the cards would also work in fantasy or science fiction settings as well.

There are also four western themed decks available. These are for the 6d6 Shootouts:WILD WEST game coming out on July 18th. These decks do not have path cards (these aren’t used in the shootouts rule set) and focus far more on combat abilities than the generic decks. They also come with a range of guns and weapons suitable for the setting.

Free PDF or Paid PDF or Pre-Printed Cards

A selection of the decks are available as free PDF downloads, such as this one with the City Life / Street Kid / Petty Criminal paths. Other PDFs are available for £1.

Pre-printed cards for all the decks are available for £3.59 + P&P. Each deck comes with 30 cards printed on 200 gsm card stock, pre-punched with a binder ring. Buying the physicals cards also gets you the PDF though due to restrictions with our check-out system you will need to email us and ask for the PDF separately.

* Footnote

If you would like to purchase the 6d6 Core and other products earlier than the 4th July, join our mailing list who receive exclusive offers.