Comming Not Soon from 6d6

As well as all the products we are releasing over the next few weeks (see yesterday’s post) we have a number of projects in the works. These might be out in a few weeks, a few months or never depending on circumstances.

6d6 Magic

Our generic fantasy rule set in currently under-development and taking up a lot of my time. The rules are 99% the same as the 6d6 Core rule set so that side of things is almost done. This leaves the spells and feats to do along with monsters and treasure.

Developing spells, monsters and treasure for the entire span from beginning characters to the god-like in one go is a massive project so we plan to release them in stages. Much like the original D&D which had the Basic set for 1st – 3rd then the Expert set for 4th – 6th and so on. Whether these will be separate products or free updates as part of the Living Document promise, we haven’t decided yet

Our current estimates put 6d6 Magic as an October launch but this is liable to change.

Savage Island

Our first 6d6 Magic adventure and in fact the first 6d6 adventure. It is a staple of our demonstration games and has proved itself time and time again. For over a year it has been using its own rules for magic but with the coming of 6d6 Magic it needs a little work to bring it into line with the official system.

Because it is almost ready at the moment (complete with pre-gen characters, spells, monsters and treasure) and it works perfectly with the core rule set we may release this as early as September. A month before 6d6 Magic. This will depend on various factors and it may be delayed and released at the same time as 6d6 Magic.

More Magic

In addition to Savage Island, we have two other adventures for 6d6 Magic lined up. Plus ideas for plenty more.

6d6 Bots

Why play a puny human when you can play a robot?</p

Currently work-in-progress, 6d6 Bots is a complete science fiction setting with an extended adventure / campaign. It is a darkly humourous and, at times, simply odd setting that presents a vision of our solar system unlike any other. Not least because whilst the humans sit by their pool drinking margaritas, it is down to the the intelligent and definitely self-aware ‘bots’ to do all the work.

Good progress is being made on this project but it is a large setting with an adventure. The hope is to have 6d6 Bots out by the end of the year.

On The Horizon

Work is starting on a number of other projects. How many of these will bear fruit and when I simply don’t know. The pace of these developments is largely based on how hard and fast the writers work. We pay our writers based on actual sales not by-the-word. This means that our writers sometimes have to focus on things that pay now, not on projects that will pay sometime in the future.

Current projects include a dark, gritty horror setting, a fantasy setting / campaign and a steampunk setting. We also have an alien invasion one-shot adventure in the works. I’m also planning to release Memory & Murder, a follow up to Mince Pies & Murder, later in the year.


As well all the major releases, we plan to release a steady stream of card decks. Some may be generic but others will tie into specific settings. The target is to have a new deck every fortnight.