Coming Soon From 6d6

Over the next few weeks we have a variety of products coming out.

The big one is the 6d6 Core rule set along with Outbreak! on July 4th. But there is much, much more coming.

6d6 Online Tools

This is the heart and soul of the my vision for 6d6. A single system used by 6d6 Fireball, our writers and fans of the game to be creative and produce content for the game. A shared tools where members can shape the rules of the game just as much as 6d6 and its writers. A resource of monsters, encounters, adventures and settings, including everything we publish, that members can remix for their own games table or to produce ‘for-sale’ products.

Members Only

The 6d6 Online Tools will be accessible to all to read and browse through from July 13th but only members will be able to create content, either in their private areas or in any of the open projects.

Lifetime memberships will be available from the 11th July but exclusively to recipients of the Online Tools newsletter. If you would like a chance to be part of this one-time offer, sign-up for the newsletter.

6d6 Shootouts

Shootouts is our skirmish game based on the 6d6 RPG and all the materials for Shootouts is compatible with the full RPG system. Each game lasts an hour and can be played with 3 – 6 players. There are a variety of scenarios ranging from the pure, unrestrained violence of Deathmatch to the tactical gang warfare of This Town Ain’t Big Enough and the slightly surreal Always Outhouses Forever!

Quantum Flux

Our first science fiction adventure will be out around the middle of August. Like Outbreak! and Mince Pies & Murder, it is a one-shot adventure though Quantum Flux will comfortably spread over a couple of sessions. The adventure follows a team of deep-space salvage experts as they explore an abandoned ship.

Coming Not Soon

We have more adventures and projects planed for later in the year. See tomorrow’s post for some advanced news on these.