Mince Pies & Murder – Free or Not Free PDF

The re-release of our whodunit mystery – Mince Pies & Murder – asks a simple question. Would you pay for something if you can get it for free?

Download For Free

If you want to download this 50+ page adventure, go to our Free Library and grab it. No hassle, no need to register, no catch. Just download and go.

Or you can pay £5 for exactly the same PDF.

Pay For It

Have 6d6 finally lost their marbles? Do they really expect someone to pay for something that they get for free?

You’re right, we aren’t that crazy. There are some good reasons why might pay for the PDF.

PDFs Forever!

If you pay you can register your purchase with the Living Document so you will always be able to access the latest version of the PDF.

More Murders!

Paying will also get you the follow up adventure absolutely free. Its called Memory & Murder and will be available in late autumn, at no cost, to every registered owner of Mince Pies & Murder.

Because You Want To

The best reason for paying is that it helps support 6d6 in creating new and exciting games.

Your £5 is not going to make us rich. Its not even going to pay for the coffee we drank writing the adventure. What your money will do is let us know there are people out there who like what we do. People who want to explore all the possibilities of role playing games. People who want to see small RPG companies prosper and grow.

If would like to give 6d6 a little bit of support, buy Mince Pies & Murder.