Free PDF – 6d6 Ultra-Lite Plus Sample Decks

To celebrate Free RPG Day, we would like to present to you a free PDF.

6d6 Ultra-Lite

The ultra-lite version of the 6d6 RPG is an extremely simple system that is ideal for games focused on plot and characters. Such as our Agatha Christie style whodunit Mince Pies & Murder which is out on Monday. You can learn to play 6d6 Ultra-Lite in just 30 seconds which makes it ideal for pick-up games, children and causal gamers.

6d6 Ultra-Lite uses just a tiny part of the full 6d6 RPG. Its rule set is just 16 pages long compared to the 6d6 Core which clocks in at 160+ pages. But it is a great introduction to the full system. With the Ultra-Lite version you can learn the basic idea of the game (The Golden Rule) and all the materials for the Ultra-Lite system are fully compatible with its big brother.

Living Document Promise

The Living Document promise is simple – Register with us and you will always be able to download the latest version of the PDF forever. Whether it is a few minor edits to fix typos or a complete rewrite it makes no difference. Once you’ve brought a 6d6 product, you can always enjoy the latest version of it.

Details of how to register are included with PDF.

Free Sample Decks

The 6d6 RPG is built around cards. With 6d6 Ultra-Lite, creating new cards is easy – all the cards work exactly the same and creating new cards is easy. If you want an ‘Archeology’ card, just write Archeology on a card plus ‘Skill’ (to differentiate it from ‘Life’ cards) and that is it. To get you started we have three decks for you to download (90 cards). These decks are designed for use with the full 6d6 system but all the extra information can be ignore when playing 6d6 Ultra-Lite.

6d6 RPG – Free Library

Download the 6d6 Ultra-Lite along with some sample card decks from the 6d6 RPG Free Library.

Don’t forget that nearly everything we do is under the Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA) so you can legally share our PDF with your friends.