Free RPG PDF for Free RPG Day

This Saturday is Free RPG Day and to celebrate it we are giving away the 6d6 Ultra-Lite rule set plus card decks. Everything you need to give the quickest, simplest version of the 6d6 RPG a spin.

If you want an adventure to run for the 6d6 Ultra-Lite system, wait until Monday when we release Mince Pies & Murder. Our 1920s whodunit mystery adventure.

Mince Pies & Murder will be available as a free download but you can also choose to pay £5 for the PDF. Both PDF’s are identical but the £5 option gives you the Living Document promise and you also receive the next adventure in the series – Memory & Murder – free of charge when it is published later this year. On top of that, you get the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting a small RPG company.

Chimeracon III – Return of the Gamers

On Free RPG day I will be spending the evening, night and some of the morning at Chimeracon, the 24 hour gaming event held at Chimera in Beeston, Nottingham. I will be running two 6d6 games, the first is a 6d6 Magic adventure:

A few weeks ago, a small band of dwarves reopened the long abandoned Hurd Loch gold mine. Everyone said they were mad, that the mine was cursed and a great evil slept deep below the ground. But being dwarves, the lure of the gold was too much.

At first, everything was going well but now all contact has been lost. Your job is to enter the mine, find the dwarves and bring them home.

The second is a 6d6 Core adventure.

Two days ago the body of a young man was found in the remote deserts of Syria. This normally would not attract the attention of occult investigators except he was dressed in Roman armour that was in pristine condition. Then the autopsy revealed the man’s stomach contents and the wear on his teeth were consistent with the diet of a Roman legionary. This body is a genuine 2000 year old Roman solider who apparently died just 72 hours ago.

Can you unravel the mystery in this strange, mind bending adventure?

Hopefully, both these adventures will be published in the coming months.

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