6d6 RPG: Release Dates

The release schedule for the 6d6 RPG is …

18th June

6d6 Utlra-Lite rule set as a free download in support of Free RPG Day.

20th June

Mince Pie & Murder – a murder mystery adventure using the 6d6 Ultra-Lite rule set. There will be free-download and a paid-download option.

4th July

6d6 Core rule set. The essential game mechanics for any setting.

Outbreak! a zombie apocalypse adventure for the 6d6 Core.

11th July

6d6 Online Tools, the engine that drives the 6d6 publishing system, will be available as an introductory lifetime members for limited numbers of people only.

18th July

The 6d6 Shootouts:WILD WEST – the most fun you can have killing your friends.

Later …

Quantum Flux, an SF adventure of the 6d6 Core is targeted for mid August. 6d6 Magic plus the Savage Island adventure will be out in Sept / Oct. Memory & Murder, a new 6d6 Ultra-Lite adventure is scheduled for late Autumn.