6d6 Shootouts League Table

Last night was the inaugural 6d6 Shootouts:WILD WEST league at Chimera Beeston. We played three games involving seven different players over the evening and we now have the first official league table.



I’ve been running Shootouts at the store for the last six weeks to raise people’s awareness of the game. These were just for fun but what was remarkable last night was how competitive it all became. Most of the people were Magic or other CCG players so are more used turning on their competitiveness than a hard-core RPG player like me.

Season One

The plan is to run the league for eight weeks and award the winner with a complete set of the game (worth £60). After that we will may switch to a different setting, possibly gangsters, for another season. We may also tweak the league structure depending on the results. Experience tells me that we aren’t going to get it exactly right on the first attempt.

Coming Soon

The PDF and hard copy versions of the 6d6 Shootouts:WILD WEST will be available in a few weeks time.