6d6 RPG: Release Schedule

The almost but not absolutely definite release schedule of the 6d6 RPG

Sometime Very Soon Mince Pies & Murder re-release
+ 2 weeks 6d6 Core rule set release
+ 1 week Outbreak! release
+ 1 week 6d6 Online Tools introductory lifetime offer
+ 1 week 6d6 Shootouts:WILD WEST release
+ 1 week Savage Island release

Why So Vague

Anyone who has been following this blog over the years will have noticed I’m not very good at time estimates. “It took longer than I anticipated” will probably be my epitaph. Or possibly carved on my forehead by my partner when she finally snaps and goes postal.

As there are a few things that still need to be completed, polished and generally finished, I don’t want to commit myself and then let people down when it takes longer than planned.

Be First!

The very first people to get a chance to buy the 6d6 system will my army of loyal newsletter subscribers. In return for putting up with the occasional email from me, these wonderful people get first dibs on all new releases. There may even be a special offer or two for them.

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