Introducing the 6d6 Living Document

Here is a simple promise.

Buy a 6d6 product direct from 6d6, in hard copy or PDF, and you will have access to the latest version of that PDF forever.

Whether it is a fix of a typo or a major new version, every time we update the product you will be notified and have a chance to download the latest version.


Once upon a time, to print a book, physical blocks of type had to be set. A long and difficult process that made books expensive and only viable in large print runs. When all those copies were sold, the publisher could update the book and do another print run. In the RPG business this led to big changes in the games between each edition as publishers wanted to tempt existing customers to re-buy what was effectively the same product.

This was sound commercial thinking but it forced publishers into a business model based on reinventing their game every few years. Something that tended to annoy loyal customers who had invested heavily in last edition.

But things have changed.

Print-On-Demand and, even more significantly, PDFs now mean that publishers can update their products at very little cost. Whether it is fixing those bits of errata, rewording that rule which everybody argues about or expanding the equipment list, it doesn’t matter. The cost to a publisher is almost zero.

Living Document

The concept of a living, changing document is central to the 6d6 approach. Our publishing system is a wiki where the members, the game’s true-fans, have control of the rules. The game is designed to evolve and improve over time as players smooth off the rough corners and expanded it into new areas.

As a new, small company we also want to reward those people who take a gamble and buy our early products. Sending them updated PDFs is the least we can do in thanks for the faith they have shown in us.

6d6 products are also under the creative commons (CC-BY-SA). Using the Living Document we can reward those people who buy our products rather than picking up a copy from a friend or a file-sharing site.

Finally, to be brutally commercial, it gives us a chance to sell more products to existing customers. Every time we are in contact with a customer, letting them know that a new version of a PDF is available, we also have a chance to mention any new products that are being released.

It’s Alive!

The Living Document is here.

When we went to Con-Quest a couple of weeks ago, everything sold was sold with the Living Document promise. Since then we have been putting the technical systems in place needed and yesterday, the first emails went out inviting customers to set-up their accounts.

We will also be shortly contacting everyone who purchased Mince Pies & Murder either directly from us or from RPG Now.

In the next couple of weeks we will also be placing Mince Pies & Murder on sale again from the new 6d6 RPG store. As an experiment, and we do like to experiment, we will offer a free-download version and a £5 version. The only difference is that the £5 version comes with the Living Document promise.

Then, over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out a series of products including the 6d6 Core rule set, Outbreak!, Savage Island and Quantum Fluxx. Every single one will be living documents.

The Promise – A Reminder

Just to make it crystal clear:

If you buy any 6d6 PDF or hard-copy document direct from 6d6, we will send you PDF updates to that product forever.