Con-Quest: What Did We Sell?

Last Saturday we took our first trade-stand at a convention with a completely untried set of products. So how did we do?


The 6d6 sales table with yours truly behind it.

What Were We Selling?

We had the following products on sale.

OutbreakCover-small.jpg A one-shot zombie based adventure being demoed at the con. Hardcover, 84 pages with approximately 200 card Needs the 6d6 Core rule set. £15
SavageIslandWorkingCover-small.jpg A one-shot fantasy adventure also being demoed at the convention. Hardcover, 73 pages, around 100 cards. £15
MincePiesMurderCover3-Small.png A murder-mystery adventure using the 6d6 Ultra-Lite rule set (included). Hardcover, 71 pages, around 80 cards. £15
Complete skirmish game using the 6d6 system and demoed through-out the day. Hardcover, nine foam backed map tiles, approximately 250 cards. £40
workingcover-small.jpg An incomplete draft copy of the core game rules. Covers all the combat rules but little else. Softcover, 100 pages. £2.50
LibraryCards-Small.jpg 6d6 Library card – a USB drive containing PDFs of Outbreak!, Savage Island, Shootouts:WILD WEST, Mince Pies & Murder and 6d6 Core. £30.00
6d6Dice.jpg Six, 6d6 d6 £6.00
BrdDvlCmd1-Colour400px.jpg Various packs of 28mm miniatures £7.50
25 Blank cards with ring binder. Useful for creating ad-hoc cards when playing 6d6. £0.50
Six ring binders. £1.50
Blank, adhesive foam backing for creating map tiles (as used in 6d6 Shootouts). £1.50

The adventures, rule books and PDFs came with our Living Document guarantee which ensures that the buyer will receive free PDF updates for life on the products they have purchased,

What Did We Sell?

In eleven different transaction we sold:

Product No. Sold Value
Outbreak! 0 £0.00
Savage Island 1 £15.00
Mince Pies & Murder 1 £15.00
Shooouts:WILD WEST 0 £0.00
6d6 Core 4 £10.00
6d6 Library Card 3 £90.00
6d6 d6 2 £12.00
Miniatures 0 £0.00
Blank Cards 1 £0.50
Ring Binders 1 £1.50
Blank Foam Backing 0 £0.00
TOTAL £144.00

Conclusions and Lessons Learnt

The most surprising thing was the number of people interested in the 6d6 Core rules despite it being a incomplete product. We had only produced four copies with the expectation that buyers of Savage Island and Outbreak! would be buying the rules. Instead we sold three copies on their own, without any other 6d6 material.

Lesson 1: Never underestimate gamers desire for rules & mechanics.

Most products were sold to people who had been in demo games, either at this con or other events. However most players in demo games did not come over to the sales table after their game.

Lesson 2: Demo games are vital marketing but do not guarantee a high conversions rate even with those players who gave good feedback to the game.

The two factors in the sales of the 6d6 Core were the low price (£2.50, less than the cost of a pint) and the Living Document guarantee that reassures and rewards early adopters with updated copies.

Lesson 3: Don’t be afraid to sell cheap draft copies of forth-comming work.

Though no customer asked for it, as the man behind the table I was struck that I could not offer a quick way to get players generating their own characters.

Lesson 4: Sell blank character decks so that buyers of rule sets can immediately generate a character.

The 6d6 Library cards were are best seller and are most profitable (more on that tomorrow). They offer a great value proposition.

Lesson 5: Push the Library Cards more.