Conquoraring Con-Quest

Saturday was Con-Quest and for the first time we had a sales table at a convention. We had two demonstration tables of games running all day. Being a local convention we could attend en masse and as well as myself there were the two Bens, Kieran, Matt, Sonny and Phay.

Too Little Sleep

Getting everything ready in time for the con was a long slog. Everyday for the two previous weeks, I’d worked 12 – 14 hours a day editing, proof-reading, printing, punching, assembling and packaging. Despite the long hours, it was not stressful. Each day I had a target and each day I hit it. By the Friday before the con, I expected to be finished by 6pm with a quiet evening and an early night. I should of known better.

At 4 PM, the only major job left to do was to print the pages for Shootouts and Savage Island plus some copies of the 6d6 Core rule set. This was just a matter of setting the printer going, coming back in a hour and binding the results.

Then the printer decided to start printing one page every 30 – 40 seconds. With slightly less than a thousand pages to print this was going to be a long and irritating evening. In the end I was finished and in bed shortly after 1 AM.

At 6AM I was up again and really feeling the effects of the previous weeks’ of work. My whole body ached and eyes would barely stay open. But the magic of tea helped bring me round and I was soon joining ‘Original’ Ben on the train station, heading for Derby.

The Morning Session

We had two full sessions in the morning with ‘Original’ Ben running Outbreak! and Kieran running Savage Island. Both went well with the Outbreak! session ending in a total party kill, which is normal for the adventure. We also got an extra session of Shootouts as another table’s GM had failed to show-up leaving five players without a game. Matt stepped in and ran his first ever 6d6 game, ably assisted by Sonny. Despite it being something completely different from what they had signed-up for, all the players had a great time. It seems that there is something about running around killing each other that appeals to everyone.

The Afternoon

As expected, the afternoon session was quieter. Starting at 3.30pm and running until 7pm, the slot is at a funny time. Anyone who has plans for the evening will have to skip the session and most of the casual gamers have been and gone. Only the hard core remain and many of those are there for pre-planned games.

Fortunately we did manage to get three players for 6d6 Bots, a game set in a darkly humourous and surreal future where all the players were robots. We also got to run a couple of games of Shootouts as we picked a few stragglers left without a game.

A Good Con

The con picked-up were it left off last year – well organised and friendly with a wide range of games and traders. The number of gaming tables had been reduced but this was a good thing as it made each game larger with fewer games failing to pick-up enough players. We will certainly be coming back for Con-Quest 2012.

Over the next few days I will be posting details of what we sold via the sales table and player feedback from the sessions.