Who’s Going to Con-Quest?

A year ago I ran my first public demonstration game of 6d6 at new one day con call Con-Quest. This year, Con-Quest is back and so is 6d6 but this time we will have a sales table and two demo table.

Zombies, Guns, Islands and Robots

Our plans for the day include one session of Outbreak!, our one-off zombie adventure. One session of Savage Island, our perennial fantasy demonstration game but this time run by someone new. A session of science fiction, in the shape of Quantum Fluxx or, just possibly, a sneak peak of 6d6 Bots – our new, darkly humorous and sometimes quite odd SF setting where everyone is a robot.

Finally there will be a session of 6d6 Shootouts. The fast paced, wild west skirmish game that takes out all that unnecessary role-playing from the 6d6 RPG and concentrates on the important part – killing your friends before they kill you.

Be The First to Buy 6d6

As well as running adventures, we will be selling them as them. Con-Quest will be the first chance to buy any 6d6 product in hard copy and the first time to buy some of them at all.

We plan to have on sale:

  • Mince Pies & Murder
  • Savage Island
  • Outbreak!
  • 6d6 Shootouts
  • Custom, laser engraved 6d6 dice (in packs of 6 for £6)
  • The 6d6 Library Card (a USB drive containing of all of the above and more)
  • Card packs for creating your own characters
  • Map blanks (ideal for creating your own 6d6 Shootouts locations)
  • Our range of miniatures

The sharp-eyed of you will notice that the above list does not actually include the core 6d6 RPG rules. Yes, we really will be selling adventures before releasing the game system!

The bulk of the core 6d6 system is finished and is covered by the 6d6 Shootouts rule set. However, there is a lot extra work need to produce a full RPG system and areas such as advice to GMs for creating monsters, long distance travel, character development etc are not done yet. However we will be giving away beta copies of the near complete rules with each adventure. These are more than enough to run the adventures and getting you started with the game.

Each adventure comes with the character decks pre-made and ready to play. The adventures themselves are loose-leaf A5 with hardback covers and an elasticated placeholder. Everything is bundled in a cotton, draw-string bag for your convenience.

Sign-Up, Drop-By

Sign-up sheets for the games will be going up at the con itself but if you let me know, I can hold a place for any session. Most importantly, drop-by the sales and say hello. We will be in the main gaming area and I’d love to meet as many of you as possible.