PDF Experiment – Returning Some Link Love

With the PDF experiment at an end there is nothing left to do except say a big thank you to all those who helped.

Starting with the 11 people who brought the PDF. Without your support this experiment would have been pointless. I hope you enjoyed reading the adventure and feel that you got your monies worth regardless of how much you paid.

A big thanks to Prince Azalea, Postmortem Studios and Game Knight Reviews for taking the time to provide reviews.

A special thanks got to my ever patient and supportive affiliates for their on-going help. Particularly Fame & Fortune and Greywulf for the plugs.

The great thing about the blogging side of the business is making new friends. People like Game Knight Reviews, RPG Circus and Reality Refracted who I’ve never had the pleasure of interacting with before. It has been great to (virtually) meet you and thank you talking about 6d6 and the PDF.

There are a lot people on Twitter who have helped through re-tweeting, comments and just by giving me something to smile about when I’m feeling low. I don’t do Follow Fridays, mostly because I’m rarely sure what day of the week it is but these people are on my Follow Everyday list – @greywulf, @blindgeekuk, @paulbaalham, @NevermetPress, @fivebynine, @phaezen, @daneofwar, @boristfrog, @symatt, @fray, @RobertsonGames, @newbiedm, @johncoxon, @satyrelite , @azaleanmodels (and visit their modeling tools store), and @gmsmagazine. This is a highly incomplete list, just look at my followers list on @6d6fireball.

And finally …

The PDF would not of been possible without the help and support of four friendly local gaming stores who let me murder their customers. They are all great stores and worthy of your custom – Chimera (Ripley), Mondo Comico (@mondocomico), Vague Connections and Chimera (Beeston).