Two More Great Reviews of Mince Pies & Murder

In addition to Prince Azalea’s review on Friday we’ve had two more really fair and balanced reviews.

Postmortem Studios, who are running their own PDF pricing experiment, had this to say.

Mince Pies and Murder has some good suggestions on how to run the game and is quite tightly structured, giving it a strong narrative and atmospheric tone but limiting the space in which the players have to interpret their characters or step outside of the suggested run of the story. In some ways it’s more like a farce or a satirical play than a game per se, albeit one with a lot of improvisation. It works well as a convention game or as an introduction to 6d6 though and the genteel murder mystery hook is one that everyone should be able to pick up and run with. The manor house and the villains are nicely detailed and if you’ve had time to read up on the adventure and the various antagonists beforehand there’s more depth than there first appears to be.

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Meanwhile, Game Knight Reviews, said this …

The fifty or so pages describing the adventure includes some great biographical detail about each member of the manor staff. Not just physical details, but a bit of a job history, attitudes, philosophical thoughts… just about anything. Each has a favorite type of violence to be used against an opponent as well – from simply bludgeoning them to death to the use of poison. What is fantastic is that these are logically consistent and well thought out, so their hatred of the sleuths is well documented and easy to roleplay as a NPC.

Even the manor itself plays a role, offering atmosphere, props, and places to hide. Each location offers details such as any available clues, descriptions of particular items, hints as to events going on, and so on.

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Thank you to both Postmortem and Games Knight for taking the time to read and review Mince Pies & Murder.

Remember, the adventure is only available for a couple more days and it costs whatever-you-want-to-pay. Go to the 6d6 RPG home page to find out more.