Review of Mince Pies & Murder

Over on the Prince Azalea blog, there is a review of Mince Pies and Murder. Its a great review, a writer could not ask for anything more.

As well as being a murder-mystery scenario, Mince Pies & Murder includes a copy of the 6d6 Ultra-Light rules – the core rules of the game, together with the adventure itself.  The adventure itself is well written, with a nice light-hearted dig at the detective sleuth genre and appears to be flexible enough to be able to be played more than once with the same group of players.  There is also plenty of solid, but not restrictive, guidance given to the prospective GM of the game that I believe should give confidence to any new 6d6 GM.

Player Characters in a 6d6 game are created from a deck of cards that represent different aspect of a character’s personality, physical nature, history, experience or their equipment. Actions are carried out by the player suggesting which combination of cards will allow them to carry out whatever is being attempted, and the adjudication of any more peculiar situations rely on the player explaining why that particular combination of cards will allow them to carry out the action they are attempting.  This is actually much easier to play than to describe in text like this and given that this is the first 6d6 RPG product, the examples of play given in the rules are clear and easy to follow and this I think is very important feature, since few people picking up these rules will have played a 6d6 RPG game before.

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