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The great PDF experiment is up and running on the 6d6 RPG home page.

For one week only Mince Pies & Murder is available at whatever price you think is worth paying. There is a minimum charge of £1 as we have to pay credit cards fees but if you don’t think a 60+ page adventure is worth even that, just wait for a month and we will be releasing it for free.

Death & Pastry


Mince Pies & Murder is a simple tale of six world famous detectives, a retired gangster, a snowbound country house, violent death and, of course, mince pies.

The players take the role of the sleuths, each one is based on a famous fictional character. As they wake on Christmas morning they find that Santa has brought them a present and a murder to solve.

All You Need is d6

The PDF contains the full adventure plus the 6d6 Ultra-Lite rule set and the character decks for each of the six characters.

Because this is a whodunit adventure, the GM will need to properly familiarise themselves with the adventure before hand. They will also need to print and cut-out the cards that make up each character’s deck. There are only 2 pages of cards per character so this not a long job but for the time pressed GM, there is a quicker way. The cards are formatted to fit pre-perforated business cards of the type available from any decent stationery store.

Shop for Science

This release is part of an experiment in PDF pricing. Trying to answer the simple question of how much people think a PDF is worth.

For small publishers like 6d6, this is a critical question and can make the difference between financial stability and ruin. To help everyone in the RPG market place we will be reporting on the results of the experiment including all the raw data.

So help support 6d6 Fireball and all the other small press publishers out there by spending a little money for science. Plus you get a really great adventure out of it.

Mince Pies & Murder is available from 6d6 RPG.

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