6d6 Ultra-Lite: Free PDF

Tomorrow sees the release of the Mince Pies & Murder PDF which uses the 6d6 Ultra-Lite system. Today you can download the Ultra-Lite rules set and some sample cards. This is a light and fast system ideal for story and character centred games such as Mince Pies & Murder. It ignores most of the combat mechanics of the 6d6 RPG and focuses on the narrative aspect of the game.

30 Seconds To Learn

Whilst the full version of the 6d6 RPG is not hard to learn, the Ultra-Lite version can be learnt in 30 seconds.

Each character is represent by a deck of character cards, usually around 12 cards. Each card identifies a skill, an area of knowledge, a physical attribute or a mental ability. To take an action, each players combines up to four cards from their deck to describe how and what they are doing.

For example, a sleuth wants to chat with the suspects in the hope that one of them will accidentally let something slip. So they play their: Cunning + Small Talk + Psychology + Body Language cards. Each card is worth 1d6 so the player roles 4d6.

The only limit on which cards can be played together is commonsense.

A Private Eye has a more straightforward approach and attempts to interrogate the suspects. He plays: Quick Wits + Intimidate + Fast Talk + Charm. However the GM points out that it is difficult to intimidate and charm people at the same time so the player drops the Charm card. As he has no other suitable cards to play, he settles for just the three cards and rolls 3d6.

This is pretty much all the player needs to know and about half of what the GM needs to know.


The download contains six A5 pages covering the rules plus 13 pages of cards that can be cut out and use. The cards are compatible with the full 6d6 RPG and will give you a taste of what the full system will look like. Like the Mince Pies & Murder PDF coming tomorrow, it has been created using the 6d6 Online Tools.

6d6 Ultra-Lite with Sample Cards


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