6d6 Online Tools – Big Picture

To give you the big picture about the online tools, I’ve created this big picture.

Reuse, Remix or Don’t

The aim of the system is take all the encounters, adventures and background material that GMs currently have locked-up in their notebooks and make it freely available. By sharing our content and combining it with content from other GMs we can create richer campaigns for our players.

But not every GM wants to share their material and certainly not before their players have completed the adventure.

The system allows each member a private area where they control who has access on a page by page, or project wide basis. This can be no one, a small group of collaborators or their entire friends list. Whether they have read-only or read & edit abilities on these pages is down to the content’s owner.

PDFs for Fun & Profit

When it comes down to sitting around the table for a game, a wiki is not always the best tool to use. For starters, not everyone has laptops and Wifi. This is where PDFs come in.

The PDF generator allows members to create special wiki/PDF pages that pulls in selected wiki pages. These are then converted into a single PDF complete with a table of contents (and in time, an index). Anything on the wiki a member has access to can be placed into the PDF which can then be printed out, accessed via an iPad or one of the countless other ways to read a PDF.

You can also share the PDF with others and even sell it (though these two activities have license restrictions depending on what content you include). You can share your wiki/PDF page with others so that they can add pages and create their own PDFs. Great for collaborative projects such a “Big Book of Nasty NPCs” or “Encounters for Parties on Long Journeys”.

Be First

Everything described above is in place and has been used to create the Mince Pies & Murder PDF going on sale on Thursday. However, it is not very user-friendly in places and needs more polish before the average GM can be let loose on it. We won’t be selling regular memberships for two to three months.

For the above-average GM, for the GM willing to put up with some rough edges, we will be selling special lifetime memberships in about a month’s time. Pricing is yet to be confirmed but it is likely to be about the same as buying everything you need for a major new RPG.

The lifetime membership will be exactly that. Once you buy it, you will never have to pay for membership again and always have free access to the full features of the website.

If you are interested, sign up for our special ‘Lifetime Membership’ mailing list. This is different from our regular newsletter mailing list. Only people on this list will get the chance to be a life-time member.


  1. That looks like a great model, Chris. I admire the thought put into the collaborative nature, the output to pdf and the insight to have protected areas for contributors. You have put a great deal of thought and effort into the idea. I hope the future plays out nicely with the vision. Great concept.

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    Looks like some things went wonky when transitioned from old WP to new one.

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