Mince Pies & Murder – Coming This Thursday

The first 6d6 RPG PDF will be coming out this Thursday (3rd February). It will be available for just one week under our Pay-What-You-Want experiment*. However, readers of our 6d6 newsletter will get an early access to it.

7 Things You Might Not Know About Mince Pies & Murder


  • Mince Pies & Murder uses the 6d6 Ultra-Lite rules set that is so simple, it takes about 30 seconds for players to learn. Don’t take our word for, read some reviews.
  • The 6d6 RPG uses cards rather than character sheets to allow completely flexibility in character creation and play. Watch this short video (1m 16s) to find out more.
  • Several variants of the 6d6 RPG are under-development from the incredibly simple Ultra-Lite version through to the combat heavy, skirmish game variant 6d6 Shootouts.
  • The system is flexible enough to cover most genres. So far we have play tested fantasy, 1920’s whodunits, Lovecraftian horror, science fiction, wild west and zombie apocalypse. We will be releasing adventures and settings for these in the coming months.
  • The system has been under constant development for over a year with hundreds of hours of play testing.
  • The complete rule system is under the Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA) allowing you to reuse and remix it however you want.
  • The Mince Pies & Murder PDF is a product of the 6d6 Online Tools. These allow members to create, edit and share content and automatically create a PDF for home use or for sale (depending on copyright & licensing).

*Minimum price for the Pay-What-You-Want experiment is £1 as we incur credit card processing charges and other unavoidable costs.