How Much Will Mince Pies & Murder Cost?


Whatever you want to pay.

That’s right, you get to choose how much to pay for the Mince Pies & Murder PDF going on sale next week.

There will be minimum payment of 1 GBP to cover the credit card charges. If you want to pay less than that, just wait a month until it is available for free.

How many copies will we sell? … I don’t know.

How much will people pay? … I don’t know.

This is what makes this experiment so exciting.

The adventure is weighing in at 58 A5 pages (including the rules to 6d6 Ultra-lite) plus 12 A4 pages of character decks. What impact the comparatively large size of the adventure wil have on the average price is impossible to tell.

An Experiment

I really have no idea and no control over what people will pay but whatever happens, we will be publishing full details of results. Including exactly how many people visited the page, how many brought the PDF and what they paid. Of course, all the data will be anonymous.

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