6d6 RPG Goes Creative Commons

The imminent launch of our first product, Mince Pies & Murder, will be under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA. In fact, we are placing the whole of the 6d6 RPG rule set under the Creative Commons.

Why Are We Doing This?

We had two objectives when we started this project. Create a game that as many people as possible could play and have a way that people can easily adapt and house-rule to suit their own gaming table.

The creative common license helps us achieve both these goals. With the rules freely available, there is no economic barrier stopping people playing. When the creative commons is combined with our online tools, anyone is able to modify the game and feed those changes back into the main system.

What Does CC-BY-SA Actually Mean?

In short, it means that you can use, share and change the 6d6 RPG rules however you like. You can even produce your own PDFs of the 6d6 rule sets and sell them.

There are just three restrictions.

One is attributions. You must always credit the authors of the content.

Two is share-alike. You must put your version of the 6d6 RPG out on exactly the same license.

Three is the use of the 6d6 name and logo. This is not covered by the creative commons licence but we are applying for trademarks for ‘6d6’. This means they cannot be used on 3rd party products but they are allowed to put “Compatible with the 6d6 RPG” on the cover.

How Will We Make Money?

Placing the rules into the creative commons only effects the rules. We plan to produce adventures, source books and all the usual paraphernalia of a game system. Which is great because we think that those are the fun parts of gaming. We would much rather spend our time writing about Elven kingdoms and zombie apocalypses than rules on encumbrance that no one will use.

We will also be producing hard copies of material for sale online, in shops and at conventions.

Online Tools

The secret weapon in all this plan is the 6d6 Online Tools (6d6:OLT).

I’ll be writing more about these in a couple of days but we will be offering a system that allows anyone to reuse / remix our content and create new material using exactly the same tools we use. In short, members will have an easy way to create their own professional 6d6 RPG PDFs.

These tools are only open to members. Introductory Life Time memberships will be on sale in a month or two. Yearly, quarterly and monthly memberships will follow.