Big News & A Busy Week Ahead

Tomorrow we will be making a big announcement about the future of the 6d6 RPG.

On Friday, will be releasing details of when our first product, Mince Pies & Murder, will ship and more details of our experiment in PDF sales.

Next week will see news on the 6d6 Online Tools as well as more information about the adventure. Plus a free PDF of the 6d6 Ultra-Lite rule set will be available for download. This is the narrative / character driven version of the game used in Mince Pies & Murder.

That will be just the first taste of the 6d6 RPG. In the coming couple of months we will be releasing our online tools, the full, crunchy edition of the 6d6 RPG, 6d6 Shootouts, and some adventures and settings.

After a year of gestation, the 6d6 RPG is ready to be born.