Mince Pies, Murder and Hacking

It has been a busy few days, I’ve ran the last two sessions of Mince Pies & Murder and rebuilt my server after serious security breach.


Last week my server which runs 6d6Fireball plus several other web sites was compromised and a root kit installed. For the non-techies, this means that someone else had access to my machine and could do whatever they want. This is a Bad Thing.

The breach happened due to a flaw in Exim4, the mail software that runs on my server. I was a little slow finding out about the problem and applying patches (about 1 week after news first came out). Though I suspect I may of been hacked within hours of the exploit becoming known, it is a reminder to all of us to stay up-to-date with security patches.

The good news is that the hackers did not cause any damage.

I suspect I was saved by the fact that lots of servers were breached by this exploit so the hackers were too busy to actually do anything with the machines they compromised. Other than losing a couple of days work, I’ve haven’t been hurt by this.

Mince Pies

On a more positive subject – brutal, cold blooded killings – I’ve run the final two sessions of Mince Pies & Murder.

These were at Chimera Beeston and Mondo Comico. Chimera Beeston is my playtest venue, over half the group were regular players and the Mondo session was my regular Monday night group. This gave both sessions a more relaxed atmosphere and there was a lot more horseplay than in previous sessions.

Because nearly everyone had played 6d6 before, I only collected two feedback cards as it would be disingenuous to get reviews from some of the people who helped create the 6d6 RPG.

How likely are you to recommend the 6d6 RPG to a friend : 9

Why? : “Cause it was great fun and really enjoyed [it]”

How likely are you to recommend the 6d6 RPG to a friend : 9

Why? : “It was really exciting and challenging with good twists and turns.”

PDF Coming Soon

The PDF with all the cards and rules needed to play Mince Pies & Murder will be available for free download soon. I had planned it for this week but with recent problems it will probably now be in the New Year.


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