6d6 RPG: Last Chance for Mince Pies & Murder

This Saturday will be the last sessions of Mince Pies & Murder, the ultra-rules-lite whodunit mystery thriller. Every session has been a blast so far with some great players creating memorable characters.

Twice The Fun @ Chimera

I’ll be running two sessions, one starting 10am and one from 2pm, both at Chimera’s Beeston store. This is my local FLGS. It is literally two minutes around the corner from my house, so this is very much my home gig and I’m looking forward to it.

Scores On The Door

I’ve been looking back at the scores of all the sessions so far and I’m pretty pleased.

On a scale of 1 to 9, the average response to the game has been 7.5 which is really great feedback. For any statistic geeks out there, that is the mean average from 15 responses. The mode and the median are both 7.

Download Soon

Once I’ve finished running Mince Pies & Murder, I’ll put the adventure up as a PDF. This will have the super-simple rules and character decks needed to play it as a 6d6 RPG but the adventure is very simple so it can be adapted to almost any system.