6d6 RPG: Mince Pies & Murder – Player Feedback

With the 6d6 RPG one-shot, Mince Pies & Murder (MP&M), I wanted to push the system in a different direction. Previous games, particularly our 6d6 Shootouts variant, have featured a fair amount of combat. Complete with battle maps and figures. With MP&M, I want to go completely the other direction and focus on investigation and role-playing.

Murder Most Foul

Despite having about three months to prepare, I only start writing the adventure a week ago. This delay wasn’t caused by idleness or procrastination. I simply could not get my ideas to fit together into a manageable adventure. Then last Sunday, inspiration struck with a fresh take on the setting and I spent much of last week scribbling down the adventure.

Developing the characters was a lot of fun. I opted to follow the Murder By Death approach and have all the characters as take-offs of famous detectives. However I did not want to restrict the players too much so the pre-gen characters are loose stereotypes. They are based on certain detectives but there is a lot of room for players to re-imagine them.

To achieve this, I did not give the characters names. That was left to the players. Instead the characters are referred to in the adventure by the name of their stereotype:

  • The European – Famous detective with an outrageous accent.
  • The Old One – A genteel English pensioner who likes visiting country villages and solving murders.
  • The Kid Reporter – Not old enough to drink but travels the world breaking up smuggling rings with his white haired dog.
  • The Aristocrat – A British Lord and all round gentleman.
  • Private Eye – American, hard-nosed private investigator.
  • Eastern Wisdom – American Chinese police detective based in Hawaii.

To add to the player’s flexibility with the character I’ve gave each player two blank cards with their character. At any point in the game, the player can use the blank cards to give themselves new skills or equipment to help them solve the crime. The rational for this is that in whodunit type mysteries, the sleuth will often suddenly reveal an area of expertise that the reader never suspected before.

Less Combat, Less Rules

By making combat a minor part of the adventure, the game became incredibly rules-lite. The players had their character cards and could play up to four together to indicate the thrust of their investigations. We did not need to worry about flow or static pools at all.

Keeping the mechanics out of the game allowed players to be far more flexible and inventive about which cards to use. It also kept everyone focused on the mystery and not wasted trying to remember rules.

What little combat there was, I dealt with in-genre style. When the Kid Reporter punched a suspected who was getting away, the suspect was knocked out in a single blow. Solving the mystery was the point of the adventure. Capturing the bad guy was just a minor detail.


We had four people in the session and they choose to play The Old One, The Kid Reporter, The Aristocrat and the Private Eye. Two players had played the 6d6 RPG or 6d6 Shootouts before and two were completely new.

As ever, I collected player feedback from each and as ever, here they are. Our policy is to publish all the reviews potential players can get a true impression of the game.

How likely are you to recommend the 6d6 RPG to a friend : 7

Why? : “Was good fun. Be interested in making character from scratch”

How likely are you to recommend the 6d6 RPG to a friend : 7

Why? : “Great fun. Simple to learn”

How likely are you to recommend the 6d6 RPG to a friend : 7

Why? : “It has a nice flexibility”

How likely are you to recommend the 6d6 RPG to a friend : 7

Why? : “Good for non-RPGers”

I also managed to squeeze in a session of 6d6 Shootouts with a couple of completely new players. There were just the three of us playing and we played a straight PvP game with respawning for about 50 minutes.

How likely are you to recommend the 6d6 RPG to a friend : 7

Why? : “Good multi-player game. Possibly 4+ players”

How likely are you to recommend the 6d6 RPG to a friend : 7

Why? : “Pretty good blast”

Note: Yes, everyone was remarkably consistent and did give a response of 7 out of 9 yesterday.

Thank You Dave

A big thanks to Dave of Mondo Comico for hosting the event and for the mince pies. I am running MP&P at Chimera in Ripely next Saturday (11th December), at Vague Connections on Sunday (12th) and then round the corner to Chimera Beeston for the 18th.