6d6 Shootouts @ Mondo Comico – Player Ratings

This Saturday saw Mondo Comico‘s first birthday party. As the host to my regular Monday night playtest session I was more than glad to spend the day in the store running games of 6d6 Shootouts.

6d6 Shootouts version 0.75

Since we ran Shootouts out Indiecon we have been busy updating it. The two major developments are the characters and the scenarios.

In version 0.5 all the characters were pretty much the same give or take a card. In the latest version we have distinct characters each with their own signature weapons. They also have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The six characters we have are:

  • Gunslinger with two six shooters
  • Woodsman with a long range, single shot buffalo rifle
  • Native American Scout who has stealth ability and a tomahawk
  • Native American Brave with a Winchester ’73
  • Bartender with coach gun (a short barreled shotgun)
  • Miner ’49 who is armed with two sticks of dynamite and a pick axe

The characters went down well and several people played multiple times to try different ones out.

I also introduced two mini-scenarios.

I twice ran ‘McClusky’s Mine’ where the first person to get the deeds to the mine from McClusky’s corpse to the bank won. This was thin veneer on the straight-forward PvP mayhem that was the games previous format.

Having a setting really helped give the game a point but the Deeds only ever got about 10′ from their starting point. Whoever tried to grab them got gunned down in a hail of bullets from the other players. Reflecting on this later in the pub, we realised that this set-up would be better if the players were split into two gangs. This allows allies to provide covering fire whilst one person runs into the street.

The other scenario was Coyote Madness. Here, I take the roll of the GM running a bunch of coyotes driven mad by hunger who invade the town. The players could co-operate but each scored points based on the number of coyote killed and the amount of health they have left.

In the end, the coyote killed two players with a third blowing themselves up in an attempt to take a pack of coyote out in one go. Again the idea worked well but I would prefer not to have a ‘GM’ in the basic Shootouts format. I’m going to give this some thought and see if I can make the coyotes behaviour driven by logic or possibly randomly selected cards.

Player Feedback

Continuing our drive to collect player feedback and our commitment to publish all of it (good or bad), here are the feedback cards we received.

How likely are you to recommend the 6d6 RPG to a friend : 8

Why? : “Interesting card pool mechanic”

How likely are you to recommend the 6d6 RPG to a friend : 8

Why? : “Fun, easy to understand rules”

How likely are you to recommend the 6d6 RPG to a friend : 6

Why? : “Didn’t get enough experience of the full roleplay side of it. As a one-off, quite entertaining”

How likely are you to recommend the 6d6 RPG to a friend : 8

Why? : “Nice interesting mechanic. Simple but lots of choice”

We only got the four cards back. Several people played multiple times and a couple of people got away before I could do the survey. We also had a couple of players from the Monday night group who I didn’t canvas as they play the game weekly.

Thanks & Plans

A big thanks to Dave at Mondo for running a great FLGS and for giving us space on Saturday.

I’ll be play testing the Shootout’s scenarios again this Wednesday and hopefully get a version 0.80 PDF out next week some time. We are also laying plans for 6d6 Shootouts to be our first physical product as well as a PDF. More news on this in the coming weeks.