6d6 Shootouts – Player Review

Over on UK Roleplayers, we have had a very positive review of 6d6 Shootouts. It is part of a wider write-up of the whole convention but here is their take on the game.

This game modelled a quick shoot-out between four cowboys in a small town. Combat was simple enough to be intuitive but complex enough to allow a satisfying amount of strategy. We used business card-sized cards that represented character attributes, skills, and items. You could only play a limited amount of cards at one time; some returned to your hand, others did not. Damage and movement distance were randomised by dice rolls. All this meant you had to think strategically and prepare for things not going according to your plans.

I have no idea what the rest of the system is like, but the combat part was fun. It woke me up, made my headache go away and kept me excited right until the final confrontation. This is no small feat if you consider that I usually skip the “combat” sections of game manuals. They bore me to tears, as they usually consist of a simple versus mechanic and a huge list of exceptions you have to learn by heart. I prefer to have a small selection of very different, reusable and flexible elements/moves. 6d6 combat we saw at the table looks like it could fit the description.

Read the rest of the write-up: Jane’s Indiecon 2010 report. The write-up is also on Jane’s own blog which is mostly in Polish.