X-humed’s First Indiecon Review!

Hello people X-humed aka (Original) Ben here,

We had a great weekend at Indiecon and thought we own it to everybody who put it on to give it a review it was worthy of.

First, thanks must go to Chris, Duncan, Andy & the rest (I’d love to name all of you but I didn’t get to meet you) for putting on a great con that was well organised and fun to be at.

So how did it go? Well, I was thoroughly impressed. Throughout the weekend people were keen to try new stuff and play games with new people. Given that a large amount of gamers play the same four games with the same group over and over (I’m one of those too) it was a really impressive sight.

We arrived on Thursday evening and after Chris had driven all day we debated just getting shut-eye but eventually decided to go and see what our fellow gamers were up to. Man I’m glad we did!

Within an  hour arriving we’d caught up with faces from Oddcon, notably Bob the Dice Man. Who Kieran instantly engaged in a discussion about Traveller. Chris and I took this as cue for beer and headed for the bar. As we sat and watched we were treated to a game of Baron Munchhausen unfolding across the bar area with players trying loudly to outflank each other with more and more insane stories. I think the comment “But sir..I only had the ONE dolphin” made the whole room (gamers or no) explode with laughter. After that we saw a game of Sea Dracula being played for the first time which is a truly surreal experience. I don’t like you’ve lived until you’ve seen animal lawyers enter break-dancing as evidence while they rapped away to a judge who (due to popular opinion) gave his verdict in mime. Mad and brilliant.


We kicked off Friday with a couple of sessions of 6d6 Shootouts to teach people the basics of the game. We had a real laugh with two groups who really grasped the game quickly and enjoy shooting each other/scenery/horses with all manner of items. Best kill of the day was achieved by the body of an exploding horse falling on it’s near dead riding from a great height.

(Original) Ben & Kieran

In the afternoon, Chris plunged a group into our first full length adventure: Savage Island. The group took yet another route through island that I hadn’t seen of yet and tried to invent rules for abseiling on the fly. Heedless classic fantasy fun that I think began to get people talking about 6d6 as a roleplaying game.

We finished the evening off with another shootouts session that once again involved the immortal utterance “I defend with 1D6+3 Horse”.

That evening, I managed to find a copy of Lacuna Part 1 an indie RPG I’ve been looking for for some time so I was a very happy man. Thank you Leisure Games. It occurred to me looking at the sign-up boards the sheer variety of stuff on play. Rather than a retread to Pathfinder/D&D4e/Savage worlds/World of Darkness* quartet we saw all sort of stuff on display. Hollow Earth Expedition, Cursed Empire, Dread Jenga, Fiasco and Dogs in the Vineyard were all heavily represented and were just the tip of the gamer iceberg. I suppose with a name like Indiecon that should be obvious but it was still nice to see.


Our big day began in style with yet another group taking on each other in some PvP action in 6d6 Shootouts. It was more fast paced stuff with real tactical decisions being taken by the players that tested the system’s surprise mechanics. Snap shot guerrilla warfare in a boarding house was par for the course.

In the afternoon slot Kieran ran his sci-fi adventure ‘Quantum Flux’ and had to deal with a group so inventive that they should write Star Trek dialogue. They created all sorts of force field buffers and such. He coped admirably and even went above and beyond in making last minute changes to enter the Iron DM challenge** when he cheekily turned his marauding aliens into a race of evil space armadillo creatures.

Then it was Outbreak!’s turn in the blender. With one player who was brilliantly resourceful I nearly burned through all of my blank cards as I was force to make new equipment cards on the fly. Also of note is the fact that this group actually managed to have more that one person survive the adventure with full health. Even if they failed to do what they were supposed to do and blew up the house (Why is it so many of my games end in explosions?).

(Original) Ben introduces the players to the horror of Outbreak!

That evening we did hit the bar, but the game finished so late we had only time to buy one pint. Thank you to Toad, Ben Adkins and all that lot for educating us on the sheer horror that is Veggie Patch: The RPG. Several minutes of debate on who exactly is the coolest vegetable is probably a discussion none of us ever thought we’d have. Or ever want to.


On Sunday I actually got to play! In the morning Chris Loizou put on a special session of Cursed Empire for us to play. We had much fun especially when we realised that never before had the 6d6 crew all been players in the same game before. Chris manged to get himself killed by basically being so enthusiastic about casting his magic that he drained most of his life force. Given that he’d had his face eaten off by a zombie squirrel the night before, it actually didn’t rank as his most embarrassing con death.

So with heavy hearts and empty wallets we left Indiecon. It was really fun and I can’t even begin to thank all the people at it for making us feel really welcome. Just a shame I didn’t get to try the 50 or so games I thought looked great.

Cool People

Some other cool people we met at Indiecon I didn’t have time to mention.

Angus at Cubicle 7, Postmortem‘s brilliantly titled games (Chav: The Knifing, baby), The Greywood Publishing crew with some really interesting things on the horizon and the UK Roleplayers group .

*I also play these games. Don’t take this to be an insult to those systems/gamers. It’s just nice not to see just clones of them all the time.

**DM must mention three things in his adventure (Sausage, Tent and Armadillo) in a way that must make some sense in the story.

More photos of Indiecon on our Facebook page.