Outbreak! Floor Plans

Free, public domain, floor plans for a modern house suitable for 28mm miniatures and RPGs in general.

Maps & Milestones

Another major milestone in the 6d6 RPG this week. For the first time there is a session of the 6d6 RPG running without me being there. In fact I had nothing to do with it.

(Original) Ben aka X-Humed is running Outbreak! for his Oxford based gang of gamers. This presented a problem because we had always used Paul’s trusty battle mat to map the house and the mat was needed here in Nottingham. The answer was to create our own floor plans.

Most of Outbreak! takes place in a remote house in the woods. So I set about drawing up plans, based on Ben’s sketches, that could be printed on A4 and then assembled like dungeon tiles as the party explores the house.

Big mistake!

Number one lesson learnt from this is planning ahead. I made a lot of work for myself having to resize rooms so they could fit them together and so that each room fitted on an A4 sheet. This has led to a rather wasteful layout. It also took much longer than planned so some bits aren’t finished.

The bathroom is completely devoid of fixtures and fittings because after I finished it, with beautifully drawn (ha!) bath & toilet, I managed to over-write the file and lose everything. There was much swearing. As time was short, the current bathroom was created just to have something.

Free Download

Download the Outbreak! House ( PDF, 444k). I’m releasing them into the public domain so feel free to use and abuse them as you see fit.

It is not clear from the maps but the cellar is reached from a hidden entrance under the stairs in the main hall. The trapdoors to the bunker are found in an overgrown part of the back garden and a secret tunnel runs from the cellar to the bunker. Hopefully everything else will be clear.

When we get nearer to releasing the 6d6 RPG and the Outbreak! adventure I will update the maps and fix the problems. Now, I’m off to create wild west floor plans for 6d6 Shootouts.