6d6 RPG: Taking Cherry Blows Apart

Hi folks, X-Humed here.

I thought we would take a look at 6d6’s characters by taking one of them to pieces and examining what makes them tick. For this dubious honor I have chosen Cherry Blow’s, a character from my upcoming con adventure Outbreak!

The reasons for this are many fold. Firstly, Outbreak! is a modern setting and so it’s something a little different from what you’ve been seeing. Secondly, Cherry is a simple character to understand. She has no path or rotate cards and does nothing really complex (apart from survive). Lastly, she’s a cheerleader. Who doesn’t love a cheerleader?

Download Cherry Blow’s Character Deck pdf – Ed

So what’s in Cherry’s character deck? How the hell do you make a cheerleader a decent, balanced Character? Well, let’s begin with the three pinky / red cards that every character has:

Character / Initiative / Discard Pile: The Character card has the character’s name on it (useful for Cherry because she is dumb enough to forget it) but it also records her Flow and Pool. In Cherry’s case this is 2 and 4 respectively. These govern how quickly and successfully Cherry is able to plan and think. In game terms those values place her as a starting character.

The Initiative card also has Cherry’s name on it. This goes into the Initiative deck along with those for the other characters and the monsters. She also has a Discard Pile for putting her Life cards in when she takes damage.

Next, we’ll look at her Life (green) cards. It’s kind of important to note that life cards keep your character going. Once you start losing them two things happen 1) you begin to die and 2) because each individual card is discarded, you lose options. If you have to drop your Brawn then you had better not need it later.

Cherry has quite a few Life cards. She has at least as many as (if not more than) the cage fighter character (Axel Reid, download the PDF – Ed) from the same adventure. The reason for this is simple in my mind. More Cheerleaders survive horror movies that Cage Fighters. So what’s in her deck?


Swift in movement and action is the flavour text on the card. This allows Cherry to run quicker but also to punch, kick and generally act faster. It’s a good all round card that represents her training.


Poised and smooth in movement. It follows that Cherry would be graceful. She’s trained in it. This card is a defensive card and can be used to dodge actions. If Cherry has Speed in her pool at the same time, she’s going to be very hard to hit.


Physical strength. It might seem mad, but cheerleaders lift each other and form pyramids. They’re essentially female jocks. This card is pretty much Cherry’s only card that can be used in offense, so it’s not like she’s trained warrior but she’ll at least hit if she finds a good weapon.


Senses of Balance and proprioception. This card is here so Cherry can climb out of window ledges and things to escape mad killers, wolfmen, zombies etc. If she’s not using the grace card to combine with her speed, she might be able to use it with this.


Timing and synchronisation Ahh, the rhythm card. It’s great for distracting people. It’s also a pretty cool card to have. In social situations, it’s good for performing.


Belief in the importance of the many over the individual. This is a card that reflects Cherry’s own belief. She comes from a place where she values society and when she discards it away it’s clear she’s been injured enough that she’s not going to be worrying about what people are thinking about her anymore.


Understanding and insight in to other’s emotional and physical well being. The empathy card is a useful social skill and in certain situations can function as a kind of ‘sense bluff’ card. It is easy to justify combining it with the society card to allow the character to become oddly insightful.

Philosphy [Calvinism]

Belief and trust in a school of thought of intellectual thought. This is a character card, really. It gives some insight into the fact that cherry isn’t just a blonde bimbo. It’s also funny as hell to me that a cheerleader will be wandering around spouting philosophy. But it goes deeper than that. On a game basis, this is a card that is really useful in a combat situation because Cherry can throw the card into her discard pile without losing the ability to do anything. She might have less faith in calvinism but she’ll still have cards like Brawn and Speed available to protect her in combat. and keep her alive. A card like this is likely to find itself in the discard pile the first time she gets hit and that’s fine because it’s almost there for that reason.

Next time, we’ll take a look at Cherry’s ability cards (the cards that represent learned talents and abilities) and her one Amazing equipment card…….