Friday Poll – 6d6 RPG: The Strapline

We need a strapline! Can you help?

Ahead of our trips to Oddcon and Indiecon we are having some t-shirts made. On the back will be “6d6 RPG” and then we need strapline, a snappy phrase to promote the product.

Currently I have two ideas but which do you prefer or have you a better suggestion?

Suggestions can be funny, serious, clever or just down-right rude, I don’t mind but the perfect strapline will be short, memorable and say something about the product. It should capture in the strapline the idea that the 6d6 RPG is new, it uses cards rather than character sheets, it is easy to tinker with for your own homebrew campaign, and the game is all about expressing and sharing ideas.

Please vote below or suggest an alternative in the comments. If we use your suggestion, not only will your words be worn with pride by everyone at 6d6 Fireball but we will also send you a t-shirt and a set of cards.

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  1. Here are a few off the top of my head:
    -Deal yourself a hero
    -Your fate is in your cards
    -Gaming improved
    -Escape the sheet
    -Game with freedom
    -Dice. Cards. Adventure.
    -The new shape of gaming

  2. @FiveByNine

    They are some excellent ideas. Much better than mine.

    I particularly like “Deal Yourself a Hero” though it does suggest it is a card game, rather than an RPG that uses cards.

    “Gaming Improved” and “Escape the Sheet” are both good and I like “Your Fate is in Your Cards”.

    Going to bounce those ideas around my head and off other people before deciding.

  3. Thanks!

    I agree that the “deal yourself” idea sounds like a card game. But it also sounds pretty cool.

    Here are a few more:
    -Deck (or Cards) beats Sheet
    -Not your granddad’s RPG
    -Shuffle up adventure
    -Limitless possibilities
    -36 times more awesome

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