6d6 RPG: Online Tools

Today marks another milestone in the 6d6 RPG. The first Beta Testers (or more accurately, Alpha Testers) are getting access to the online tools for the 6d6 RPG.

[Click] to view the 3 min preview video.

The tools, though limited at the moment, are a real game changer. Like the arrival of pubic hair, they give a hint of maturity and of the fun that lies ahead. Critically, they also mark a stage when the child can no longer be protected by its parents.

Up to now, the 6d6 RPG has been my baby. Every rule, every card and every decision about its future taken by me. Access to the game has been limited and I’ve been the gatekeeper. This stage in the 6d6 RPG’s life is coming to an end and it will soon be set free.


One of my key goals for the game is something that embraces the way people really play RPGs. A game that celebrates the house rules and the homebrew campaigns and the fact that every gaming group is different. I wanted a game that escaped the limitations of the traditional splat book approach and put players, GMs and game designers on an equal footing.

Fundamental to the game, as important as the rules or the dice, it had to be possible for GMs and players to create their own cards. Without this, the game would cripple the creativity of its players and GMs forced to recycle the same old magic items, monster and NPCs. Playing RPGs is all about creativity and any game that restricted it is bound to fail.


Gary Gygax first published Dungeons & Dragons in 1973 but he could of done it in 1873. The technology and techniques to create, distribute and play the game were available at least 100 years earlier. This wasn’t a mistake, Gygax simply had no other options but today we do. Content creation, publication and distribution in the digital age is radically different. Even PDFs, which are awkward hybrids of paper and digital, offer far more potential than books alone.

Sauce for the Goose

It was obvious from the beginning that I and everyone writing the ‘official’ game would need a set of tools to create the cards. It was also obvious that players would need something similar. Leaving it a no-brainer that these should be one and the same. Its a simple idea but one with powerful consequences.

It destroys the barrier between official products and home grown campaigns. It places your house rules on equal footing with the game designers. It makes every GM a publisher and creates a situation where adventures and rules become popular because of their quality and not the size of their print run.

Out of Control

Even at this early stage, giving access to the Wednesday night crew takes the game out of my control. They can create new rules and cards at will. They can do their own play-testing, create their own version of the game and there is nothing I can do to stop them.

From here on, the future of the 6d6 RPG is in the hands of its players.


  1. Am really looking forward to getting to have a go with the tools, so I can introduce my own group to the game in our own homegrown world. That will be the real beauty of 6d6 RPG – customising it to suit your own needs.
    .-= Che´s last blog ..Questions of Form =-.

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