6d6 RPG: A New Field of Gaming

The 6d6 RPG is about to explore a new field in gaming, literally.

Over the weekend I will be in a field at the Off the Tracks music festival with The Savage Island adventure and some gamers. I doubt we will be the first gamers to bring our games to a music festival but it will be a first for me.

How this will pan out, I don’t know.

Festivals, especially in the UK, are at the mercy of the weather. As are books and all usual implements of gaming so it could be a total wash-out. At the moment Saturday is forecast as light rain, an improvement on the heavy rain previously forecast.

It will be an interesting test of the 6d6 RPG as well. One aspect of the game is that the character deck takes up a lot of space when spread out. How much space we’ll have and, more importantly. how much dry space we have I just don’t know but this is all part of the design process. Players constantly surprise me with their ingenious ideas that I then steal incorporate into the game. Maybe there is one waiting for me this weekend.

Anyway, unless it gets really bad, I’m going to be off-line until over the long-weekend. Wish me luck (and good weather).