Irregular – A Free and Excellent Magazine

During my trip to Sheffield, I had a chance to meet Jason Hubbard, co-editor of Irregular, an online magazine covering RPGs, miniatures and wargaming. Not having read it before, when I got home I immediately grabbed the 68 page PDF and started reading.

It was great to see a gaming magazine with such a wide spread of material. In these days of large game companies with in-house magazines and jealously guarded IP, Irregular is a breath of fresh air.

In issue 4, the latest, there is a set of NPCs for Traveller, an article on the history of Viking raiders, ideas for using disease in a campaign, fiction, a comic strip, great artwork, interviews, reviews (including one for a interesting looking company called 6d6 Fireball), tutorials, tons of great photos of minis and lots of artwork.

In many ways, Irregular seems like a blast from the past, taking me back to the early days of White Dwarf magazine. A magazine produced by people who love the hobby, or in fact several hobbies, and who want to tell the world about it.

Definitely recommend

P.s. Jason’s own blog, Muskets, Sword and Paint is well worth a read as well.

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