6d6 RPG: Demo Game at Sheffield Wargames Society

Last night I took the train up to Sheffield to run a demonstration game at the Sheffield Wargames Society. My host, Dave, made things very easy for me by picking me up from the station and taking me to club.

We kicked off with an explanation of how the game works and is was very satisfying to see how quickly everyone grasp the core mechanic. So much so that when a couple of late comers arrived, Dave was able to give a quick introduction to one whilst I handled the other.


The game in progress.

The adventure was The Savage Island, originally written by me for D&D 3.5, but revamped for the 6d6 RPG. I’m finding four players is sufficient for the adventure in 6d6 where as in D&D it handled between 6 to 8 players. I think this is simply because everyone is new to 6d6 so things take longer. Consequently we had to resort to the Deus Ex Machina ending as time ran out at the end of the evening.

Over the five sessions I’ve run the adventure (to all systems), the scores are:

  • Landed the boat successfully: 2 out of 5
  • Discovered own way off the island: 2 out of 5
  • Helped off the island: 1 out of 5
  • Rescued by Deus Ex Machina: 2 out of 5

Many thanks to Dave, Becky, Jason, Robert and Tom for taking part and especially to Dave for inviting me up.

If you would like me to run a demo game at your games club or in your house. Please get touch.


  1. Thanks for coming up to demo the game for us, Chris 🙂 It was interesting an exciting to see a new game in an advanced stage of development and it shows a lot of promise!!

    I look forward to playing the game again once it is more generally available!

    Anyone else thinking of asking Chris to come and along and demo the game for them – definitely get in touch with him!

    Dave 🙂

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