6d6 RPG: Character Deck Photos

A couple of photos of the 6d6 RPG character deck featured in yesterday’s video including a close-up of the cards.

Full Deck

This is Sooz’s character Atheas from our ancient world / investigative horror play test. As you can see there are quite a few cards there (26 to be precise). The number of cards needed for a character varies depending on the player’s strategy – specialise in a few, high value cards or generalise with a larger number of low value cards.



Seen here are Atheas’ Body, Mind and Soul cards, collectively known as the life cards.

These are the closet thing to Hit Points in the 6d6 RPG. When injured the player has to place one or more cards into the discard pile. Once in the discard pile they cannot be used until the character is cured. This reduces the character’s ability to act as they take more and more damage. Once he character runs out of life cards, the character is dying….


  1. Count me intrigued. I’m not sure what to make of it so far but I’d defiantly give it a shot. I’ll be watching for future developments.

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